Soho Neighborhood, Manhattan New York


Bachelors of Science
Information Technology @ George Mason University

Graduate Program
User Experience Design @ University of California, San Diego


My name is Matthew Voshell and I'm a holistic problem solver. I'm able to work collaboratively with various roles to create innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and user friendly products. 

My career started in the field cyber security consulting working for CACI and Booz Allen Hamilton on projects for US federal entities. During this time in my career I developed the ability for enterprise-level problem solving. With a datacenter full of products available I was tasked with creating white label solutions by analyzing and understanding stakeholder needs. In Interacting w various stakeholders, including 3-star generals, I was able to groom my ability to communicate product choices.

Eventually I decided to take my career in a different direction after observing many of the security products I was leveraging had poorly designing interfaces and required lots of training to use. I recognized an opportunity to flex my creative skills and have a massive impact directly on the end users.

After deciding to pivot my career I enrolled at UC:SD in their UX Design program, accepted a summer internship at S&P Global, and since been on a few teams helping to create amazing products. I've worked with amazing teams made up of talented data scientists, engineers, developers, and managers. Without these team members I never would have been able to design and ship such cutting edge products. The work has been incredibly rewarding tackling massive problem sets and yet with every product I'm always able to grow as a product designer by pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

fine art Photography

In addition to design my other passion is photography. Over the past decade I've had the pleasure to photograph some truly amazing people and events. Below is a slideshow of my portfolio of fine art photographs. I've also been lucky enough to have a print featured at The Embassy Row Hotel near DuPont Circle in Washington, D.C.