Simply put, Uber has disrupted the taxi industry. It’s rise could be compared to the same effect mp3's had on diminishing the recording industry’s power over artists and their music. Staying true to the free market Uber came along and offered a more convenient service, reasonable prices, and ease of use with their smartphone app.

Yet for all the advancements I’ve seen them make, I’m not entirely sure why I can’t select a driver? Why force me to be stuck with a 3 star driver when a 5 star driver is just as far away? Everytime I use this amazing service I ask myself this very question. Can’t you make something better that's already great? Introducing Driver Selection.

Concept Mockup

Driver Selection Screen

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Card Layout Users like lists. Period. Encapsulating the driver info in easily adaptive to screen size and provides a quick glance.

Driving Time The top right of the card has a radial to designate just how long they driver has been hard at work. This could be a determining factor in selecting a driver.

Reviews When selecting a driver you’ll be able to review previous riders ratings and feedback to further help you decide. The most recent review is shown on the main card.

Interactive Prototype

User Flow 

1. Confirm pickup location
2. Review drivers
3. Select driver
4. Verify selection
5. Driver is requested

This prototype was created using Marvel App