Human Resources Candidate Tracking Platform


Problem Statement

Hiring great talent is a complex process that requires organization and coordination among various parts of a company. Keeping track of candidates and feedback from interviews are just some of the major workflow challenges.


- Identify the users of this platform. What are their needs? How would these translate into features of the product?
- How would you display the candidates that are in the hiring pipeline? How would a hiring manager find or search for a specific candidate?
- What would be an effective way to keep track of a candidate’s progress?
- How would you collect useful feedback from interviews? What would that flow look like?
- How can the user compare different candidates’ information in order to make a hiring decision?
- How would you display conversion rates/metrics based on different job boards or candidate background/traits? What are other important metrics to display?

Understanding the Hiring Process

I explored my previous experiences interviewing at companies to provide the overall understanding of who would be involved and what steps


Five different personas were identified as potential users involved throughout the entire candidate hiring process. 

- Recruiter
- Hiring Manager
- Current Employee
- HR Represenative
- Product Owners


Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 12.33.44 PM.png

Product Story Map

Three epics we identified based on the requirements: 

Candidate Pipeline Understanding what candidates are in what stage
Incoming Candidates Understand the people who are applying
Conversion Metrics Insight into which candidate types are the most successful


User Story Comps

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 1.25.50 PM.png


  1. I want to view all candidates currently in the hiring pipeline so I can understand who we are considering
  2. I want to understand a specific candidates progress so I can keep track of it
  3. I want to find a particular candidate so I can understand what stage in the pipeline they at


  • I want to provide feedback about a particular candidate so the hiring manager can learn my opinion
  • I want to understand what feedback was given about a particular candidate so I can determine next steps
  • I want to understand how a specific candidate feedback compares to other candidates being considered for the same role so I can make a hiring decision




  • I want to understand conversion metrics so I can understand what source is providing candidates that are more likely to be successful

Acceptance Criteria

  • Candidate Educational Background
  • Job board source
  • Candidate Years Experience

Framer Prototype