If you're under the age of 45 and have a career chances are you have a gym membership. Whether you actually make use of it (most people don’t make it past the 5 month mark) is another question entirely. But if you have 2 kids, a wife and a career, time is more than likely very precious to you.

Going to the gym should be as simple to manage as that amazing Nest Thermostat. If you don't have one you should, It saves you money! Going to the gym with kids is also another experience in and of itself. If you're lucky a lot of modern gyms off a daycare within the gym for you to drop off your kids while you work out. Otherwise trying to figure out when to go so you can avoid fighting over the single ab press machine with the guy who wears jeans to the gym.

User Requirements

Being a frequent gym member myself it wasn't hard to put together a dream feature list to include in any redesign:

Manage Gym Membership This is a big one. At my last gym I had to email all requests to a listserv address and wait for a response. Why can’t I manage my membership like my Netflix subscription? I should be able to review the day I’ll be charged each month, the amount, the remaining time on my contract, and any personal information needed.
Review Gym Traffic Based on tying the check-in systems with the app platform displaying bar graphs showing analytical data for when the gym is slow or busy. The main screen will change between 3 colors to easily communicate to the user the member activity at the gym.
Daycare Notification Let the daycare know I'm finishing up my workout and to prepare my kids.
Training Purchase and reserve seats in class and training sessions, review chronologically on a calendar.
Secure Communication Most trainers end up using personal email addresses. For both the client and the trainer providing a secure communication channel to exchange information in the hopes of making it easier to stay on track.

Platform Play

In developing this idea there was always a foundational thought through the whole process. In the present day most gyms, even the larger ones, leave their digital identity to each individual location. A franchise owner is expected to understand a multi billion dollar brand and develop an IT system that'll help retain members and attract new ones. Something tells me an ‘80’s montage is not about to occur.

Instead this design is two fold. One side for the members and one side for the gyms. In the middle is the platform we provide giving members access to their information and gyms access to run their operations more lean and be more responsive to their members needs. Gym owners and managers will be able to focus on the things that matter day-to-day.

Concept Mockup

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Batter Up Organized like an executive summary members are shown the next registered class coming up. They paid for it so it would be helpful if the gym would at least remind me.. I mean the user.

Cart Items Sometimes you add items to an online cart but forget they’re in there. When the class registrations are time sensitive showing the user that well hopefully help them make the decision to register or not.

Membership I hated using a third-part UPC app to checking into my gym. The reader had issues with it all the time. The easiest more accessed item will be the updated QR code to check-in. This will also be available via Passbook on iOS so when you are near any location the geofence will activate the QR code to display on your sleep screen. By the time you take out your phone, the code is there for you to scan.

Check-in Using geofencing users are able to quick swipe into the QR code in order to check-in on arrival. This was a glaring overlook in most existing gym smartphone apps. Yet it's the one task a user performs each time they come to the gym. Making this process as painless as possible would go a long way to making the entire gym experience frictionless. 

Account Often the only way to obtain membership information is to email a corporate office. I've added a simple reminder to show the existing price of their membership, when it expires, how long the contract is, and the last four digits of their gym account number.